Consultation on Rules on Reporting Restrictions

This consultation, published by the Scottish Civil Justice Council, seeks views on the proposal of amendments to already existing rules on reporting restrictions in the Court of Session.

It is proposed that the new rules for the Court of Session, outlined, should be extended to all instances where the court is considering making an anonymisation order restricting the reporting of proceedings, and should introduce an opportunity for the media to make representations to the court before such an order is made.

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Sentencing Statements

HMA v William Turner

Wednesday, 20 March, 2019

HMA v Muhammed Rauf, Shahida Abid and Saima Hayat

Tuesday, 19 March, 2019

HMA v Joshua Rosenberg

Friday, 15 March, 2019

HMA v Michael Jamieson

Friday, 15 March, 2019

HMA v David Cunningham

Wednesday, 13 March, 2019

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