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Fatal Accident Inquiries

A Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) is held following a death in the workplace or in cases which give rise to reasonable suspicion. These are usually held in the sheriff court, but may be held in other premises where appropriate. We publish summaries of some FAIs, particularly in cases where there is wider public interest. The summaries provide details of the case, the main findings of the inquiry and a link to the sheriff's full determination. 

For a full list of all fatal accident inquiry determinations published on the SCTS website click here.

Complaints About the Judiciary (Scotland) Rules: Consultation Response

The Lord President’s Official Response to the Consultation on proposed amendments to the Complaints about the Judiciary (Scotland) Rules.

As head of the Scottish Judiciary, the Lord President is responsible for making and maintaining appropriate arrangements for investigating and determining matters concerning the conduct of judicial office holders. The Judiciary and Courts (Scotland) Act 2008 makes provision for the Lord President to make rules in connection with these matters. 

The previous Lord President made the Complaints about the Judiciary (Scotland) Rules in 2011. After two years of administering the Rules, some administrative issues had been noted and it was agreed that a review of the Rules should be undertaken.   

The Judicial Office for Scotland (JOS), on behalf of the Lord President ran a consultation for 12 weeks in 2013. The consultation document sought views on several matters relating to proposals for revised Complaints about the Judiciary (Scotland) Rules and included draft rules.

Responses were collated, assessed and analysed. The response sets out a summary of the content of the consultation responses and the action taken in relation to the responses and suggestions received. 

Official Consultation Response and Associated Documents

Lord President’s Official Response

Complaints About the Judiciary (Scotland) Rules 2015

Revised Guidance for Complainers

Consultation Responses

The original Consultation Paper; Proposed Amended Rules; and Respondent Information Form and Consultation Questions